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Saltigem SWC60 Salt Chlorinator
Saltigem SWC60 Salt Chlorinator
Kreepy Krauly RX-Tank

The Kreepy Krauly RX Tank robotic pool cleaner is the very first cleaner of its kind. Featuring the Robotic X-Over™ (crossover) technology, this latest Kreepy Krauly Australian Designed & Made robotic pool cleaner is truly automated & cleverly efficient.


It has the intelligence robotic cleaners are known for, and the convenience of a suction pool cleaner.


The RX Tank is a truly unmatched, 100% hassle-free, and fully automatic robotic pool cleaner.



The RX in RX Tank stands for “robotic crossover.” This advanced pool cleaner technology makes the suction stronger and gives the RX-Tank more mobility and overall strength. Give it any of the variable speed pumps, and the RX Tank is still the #1 formidable pool cleaning force there is.



  • • Save energy with 0 (ZERO) running costs with single speed pump

  • • Can operate with and tunes with all variable speed pumps

  • • Saves energy, human energy too
  • • Works perfectly under a pool blanket
  • • Stays unstuck with a programmed gearing system


State-of-the-Art Halo Pump Protection (Included)

The Halo pump protector prevents air from entering your system. It serves as a guardian angel to your pool pump, ensuring your pool cleaner releases off pool walls without letting in air. 


An Australian Made & Custom Designed Robotic Suction Cleaner


rX-Tank Product Includes

• rX-Tank Machine;

• Flexible Hose Connector;

• 10m of Ultra Flex Hose; and

• Smart Skim (Automatic Vacuum Control Valve)

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